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Our  expert Data Scientists will sift through all incoming data either from single source or CRM, examining it from all possible angles with the goal of discovering a previously hidden insight. We can help to answer those questions:

Optimization:  How do I perform better? What is the best decision for a complex problem? Find the best way to optimize your business, clientele coverage, product set, marketing campaign.

Predictive Modeling : What will happen next?  How will it affect my business? Who’s most likely to respond? Cohort Analyse. How do you segment your market market?  What is probability of failure?

Forecasting : What will happened with your business if these trends continue? How much, when, what will be needed?

Statistical Analysis : Why is this happening? What opportunities am I missing?

Independent Review/Audit: Was my last research good enough? Does current model response well to my current situation?   Find what others miss. Challenge assumptions.  What internal or external factors I might miss?

Recommendations for your BI team: Provide guidelines for  your in-house BI setup (Reports, Alerts, Drill-Downs, OLAP)


Our company  includes  limited number of  scientists (surely enough all are PhD+ )  located across  East Europe (Belarus,  Germany)  and  in Republic of South Africa.  We have  professionals who excelled in the following domains before they actively  started using their expertise  in statistical research.

  • Financial Market , Gaming
  • Health and Demographics
  • Social Science ( including SocioDynamics, Mass Election)
  • Psychology
  • Economics, Behavioral-economics
  • Reliability Theory with emphasis on structural engineering
  • Classical Applied Mathematics.

This combination of skills makes RxPhd  very skilled and  effective provider  for  any Data Science  work. We can handle any complex  project and have ability to  re-scale if needed.  Major work done remotely by  our PhDs, however we maintain physical presence in Bay Area which allows us to handle all logistics delivery seamlessly for  our customers.

Contact us for any questions or for more details.

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